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Critter Yard Greeting Telegrams

Flamingo and Critter Yard Greetings $159.95

*Plus any applicable travel fees

If you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, try Flamingos By The Yard® or any of our Birthday yard Decorations.


In the middle of the night our sneaky staff will fill the victim's yard with up to forty plastic pink flamingos and birthday yard sign stating the occasion. Imagine their surprise as they pull their car out to go to work at 6:00 AM and see their yard swarming with these exotic birds! The flock will disappear the following evening leaving a fond memory of their visit (and no bird droppings!!!).

Yard Greetings and Flamingos (Critters) by the Yard.  Metro Atlanta: 

Flamingos by the Yard

Cows by the Yard

Pigs by the Yard

Tombstones by the Yard

Penguins by the Yard

Frogs by the Yard


Your yard greeting /critters AND a 2'x4' Customizeable Marquee Style Sign will be placed in recipient’s front yard between midnight and 6am for a wake up surprise.  They will be removed at dusk on same day.

Travel Fee: There is NO additional charge if your event is within 10 miles from zip 30188. For every mile over 10 miles there is a travel fee of $2 per mile or $10 whichever is greater.

We will need a few things from you to in order to have the best possible display.

FIRST, we need a message for your telegram. (Yes, we actually give the recipient an actual telegram for all our services). Feel free so say a couple sentences in the message and then tell the recipient who the telegram is from. Telegram will be placed on the mailbox.

AND THEN, we need a message for the 2’x4’ sign. The sign has 4 lines and can accommodate 8 characters/spaces per line. Examples: Holy Cow Bob’s 40! or Happy Flockin’ 50th Bob! or Someone Squealed! Tom’s 60! or Time to Chill! Bob’s 50!

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