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Superhero Singing Telegrams Atlanta

Superhero Singing Telegrams $155

*Gratuity and travel fees not included.

Eastern Onion provides rated PG-13 performances only which are  office friendly and family friendly.

A singing telegram is more than just a person showing up and singing a song. It's a professional actor doing a ten minute comedy skit as the character of your choice. We present a party hat, party horn and a souvenir telegram, sing a comedy song for the occasion, and work personal information into the verbal part of the show. They won't ever forget it!

Several Scenarios are available depending to the occasion:

Superhero Seeking a Side Kick

Villain Seeking a villain partner

Celebrating someone who is a superhero..(maybe a first responder or someone on the front line)

Have an idea? Just ask us, we might can help.

Travel Fee: There is NO additional charge if your event is within 10 miles from zip 30188. For every mile over 10 miles there is a travel fee of $1.50 per mile or $10, whichever is GREATER.

We will need a few things from you to in order to have the best possible performance.

FIRST, we need a message for your telegram. (Yes, we actually give the recipient an actual telegram for all our services). Feel free so say a couple sentences in the message and then tell the recipient who the telegram is from.

AND THEN, we need “Dirt” and lots of it. We personalize your recipients’ singing telegram to make it an experience they will never forget. Any “Dirt” will work, such as any nicknames, profession, habits, hobbies, places that he likes to eat or any embarrassing stories from the past.

Note: Costumes may vary slightly but they will still portray the character selected.

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